Open Source Modbus-over-XML

OSMOX's goal is to provide standards-based connectivity to Modbus devices in open-source SCADA and HMI applications, specially over the Internet. Our technology of choice is XML, due to its well-known platform-independency and its capability to pass through network firewalls.

OSMOX architecture is derived from the "mono-Modbus" project, which can be found here:

  mono_modbus Briefing

R&D Paper with Architecture and Downloads


MODBUS is a master/slave communication protocol present in many digital instruments as process controllers, programmable logic controllers, signal transmitters and dataloggers. It was originally written for the Modicon Controllers. MODBUS is a very popular protocol nowadays, so OSMOX should find immediate application in Industries and Laboratories. The specification for the MODBUS protocol is freely available at www.modbus.org.


OSMOX is being developed to fit the architecture described below:


About the project

OSMOX began in Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina as a final project for the course in Automatics & Control Engineering, and was supported by Fundação CERTI's CMIP (Center for Metrology and Inovation in Processes).

The project was recently re-designed, expanding on its original concepts. The "old" OSMOX (Open-Source Modbus OPC XML-DA) can be found, as a historical record, in the following site:


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